Most successful jockey of the day at Higham was Newmarket’s James Owen, who scored on two horses trained at Ampton, near Bury St Edmunds, by Joe Turner, Militaire lifting the Club Members Race and Lanicene landing the Open Maiden.

But the latter victory did not give Owen much pleasure as his girlfriend, Kelly Smith, took a crashing fall from Padamul when just in front at the last. Smith, though shaken up, emerged unscathed, but her mount sustained a shoulder injury.

The closing Restricted Race went the way of the Northants-trained Jumbul Sale, while the Sussex raider Ichi Cavalo ran out the impressive winner of the Men’s Open.

The Ladies’ Open success of Pelican Brief completed a good weekend for Luton trainer, Simon Andrews, who had saddled his old-timer, Montys Tag, to a first win in three years when on the mark at Horseheath 24 hours earlier.

Described as “quite cheeky and a bit of a thinker who has a look at his fences” by his owner, Christy Rogers, Pelican Brief defied some slow jumps to beat Celtic Duke and Catherine’s Way in a tight finish.


Race One (EAPPA Club Members Race):

1 J M Turner’s Militaire (Suffolk) (J Owen),

2 A G Chinery’s Royal Action (East Essex) (P Chinery),

3 F Allan and P Phazey’s Round The Bend (Fitzwilliam) (Miss L Allan).

Also: Attack (pu), Pampered Gale (pu). Eight lengths, 10 lengths. 6.05. W £4.20. DF £9. SP 8-1 (Round The Bend 6-4 fav).

Race Two (Men’s Open Race):

1 D Evatt’s Ichi Cavalo (Crawley and Horsham) (owner),

2 J M Turner’s Black Frost (Suffolk) (J Owen),

3 Mr and Mrs M Ward’s Quality First (Granta Harriers) (M Mackley).

Also: Great Jubilee (4). Six lengths, four lengths. 6.02. W £3.40. SP 7-1 (Great Jubilee 6-4 fav).

Race Three (Ladies Open Race):

1 Miss C A Rogers’ Pelican Brief (Cambs with Enfield Chace) (Miss L Allan),

2 J M Turner’s Celtic Duke (Suffolk) (Miss Z Turner),

3 M Ward’s Catherine’s Way (Granta Harriers) (Mrs N Cook).

Also: Find Me Another (unseated rider), Point Of Origin (pulled up). One length, one length. 6.09. W £4.70. DF £7. SP 4-1 (Find Me Another 4-6 favourite).

Race Four (Open Maiden Race):

1 J M Turner’s Kicasso (Suffolk) (J Owen),

2 M S Burman’s Hilly Be (Cambs with Enfield Chace).

Also: Busy Weekend (unseated rider), Coverdale (fell), Johnny Ross (fell), Oversight (pulled up), Padamul (fell). Distance. 6.13. W £2.30. DF £7. SP 9-4 favourite.

Race Five (Intermediate Race):

1 Sporting Endeavour Partner’s Tartar Sabre (Waveney Harriers) (Miss L Barrett-Nobbs),

2 S Blyth’s The Stickler (South Notts) (M Mackley),

3 D Robinson and S Robinson’s Shoveontommy (Mid Surrey Farmers Drag) (S Robinson).

Also: Lancier D’Estruval (4), Cosmic Sky (pu). Head, 10 lengths. 6.01. W £4.40. DF £2. SP 7-2 (The Stickler 5-4 fav).

Race Six (Restricted Race):

1 Mr and Mrs C Dixey’s Jumbul Sale (Grafton) (R Cope),

2 R Abrey’s Epop (Suffolk) (R Stearn),

3 T Brooks’ Henry Henbit (Farmers Bloodhounds Drag) (R Barrett).

Six lengths, a distance. 6.15. W £1.50. SP 4-7 fav.