Here are the results for the West Norfolk and North Norfolk meeting held at Fakenham. The official going was good.
By Ray Newby
Veteran and Novice Riders
1st Prairie Town Cian Murphy 2/1
2nd Knight Bachelor Harry Greasby 7/2
Time 6 – 16 Dists: 7 L 5 ran only 2 finished
 also Highway One O One 1/2f UR, Railway Muice PU, Soldier At War RO
Trainer Michelle Bentham
PPORA 8 Years Old and Over Conditions
1st Captain Biggles Gina Andrews 4/6f
2nd Tekap Archie Wright 10/1
3rd Mountain Assault Dale Peters 7/4
Time 6 -16 Dists: 2 L 8 L 7 ran
also Craigmor 4th, Dancing Shadow 6th, Dickie Diver 5th, September Fields PU
Trainer Tom Ellis
1st Doctor Tom Tom Chatfield Roberts 6/1
2ndTre Francais Dale Peters 3/1
Time 6 – 15 Dists: 6 L 5 ran only 2 finished
 also Flashy Kate PU, Mossy Be Lucky 4/5f PU, Mount Pleasant PU
Trainer Kelly Morgan
Mixed Open
1st Clara Sorrento Rupert Stearn 2/1
2ndBack Bar Dale Peters 5/2
3rd General Arrow Gina Andrews 6/4f
Time 6 -09 Dists: 12 L 10 L 4 ran
 also Oval Street 4th
Trainer David Kemp
Veteran Horses Conditions
1st Southfield Theatre Lily Bradstock 10/11f
2nd In Arrears Paddy Barlow 6/1
3rd A Toi Phil Archie Gubb 9/1
Time 6 -17 Dists: 12 L 15 L 8 ran
 also Cheque En Blanc 7th, More Bucks 6th, Morning Vicar F,
Myplaceatmidnight 4th, Perpignan 5th
Trainer Sara Bradstock
Open Maiden
1st Maskadam Dale Peters 4/5f
2nd Red Diamond Archie Wright 4/1
Time 6 -45 Dists: 6 L 5 ran only 2 finished
 also Down The Gearagh PU Lmntrix PU Taita Sunrise UR
Trainer Dale Peters