Here are the results for the Waveney Harriers meeting held at Higham
By Ray Newby.
The official going was good.
Owner / Trainer Conditions
1st Silver Sheen Huw Edwards 4/6f
2nd The Yellow Mini Alex Chadwick 9/2
3rd Chapelier Murray Dodd 5/1
Time 6.06 Dists: 3 ½L,  Dist         6 ran
also Ballymoy PU Highway Hero 4th McCann The Man PU
Trainer L Moulson
PPORA Conditions
1st Shentri Ellie Caldwood 6/1
2nd Kilbrew Boy Charlie Case 7/1
3rd Polydora Harry Myddelton 4/1
Time 6.03 Dists: 20L,  Shd     7 ran 
also Buzzrd Trix PU Josh The Plod 4th Koyote 4/6f PU Pont Aven UR
Trainer Kelly Morgan
Mixed Open
1st The Big Lense Alex Chadwick Evs f
2nd I K Brunel Izzie Marshall 4/1
3rd Castle Trump Charlie Buckle 9/4
Time 6.03    Dists: 1L  12L     4 ran
also Not That Fuisse 4th
Trainer Jennifer Owen 
PPORA Novice Riders
1st Sum It Up Josh Parker 5/1
2nd Killinkere Molly Legg 5/2
3rd Captain Buck’s Peter Matthews 4/6f
Time 6.08   Dists: 3 ½L,  Dist       5 ran
also A Toi Phil UR Lmntrix PU
Trainer Tony Humphrey 
Maiden Race
1st Prohus Yank Tommie O Brien 5/1
2nd Designer Destiny Ed Vaughan 5/2f
3rd Our John Immy Robinson 5/1
Time 6.09     Dists: ½L,  5L  9 ran
also Barry Scott 5th Just Our Milly F Midnight Mystery F Peachey 4th
Shanes Passion PU Top Man Tom UR
Trainer Heidi Brookshaw 
1st Mount Pleasant Alex Chadwick 7/2
2nd Ocojohn Ed Vaughan 6/4f
3rd Threeunderthree Harry Myddelton 6/1
Time 6.05  Dists: 10L, Dist    7 ran
also Above And Beyond PU Caballo Diablo PU Escoltador PU Tango Arumba UR
Trainer Nick Wright