Here are the results for the Essex & Suffolk meeting held at Higham .

The official going was good to firm, good in places.


Hunt Members

1st Chapelier Alex Chadwick 6/1

2nd The Brassmoulder Izzie Marshall 5/4

3rd Fox Valley Gina Andrews 4/5f

Time 6 – 02 Dists: 3 ½ L 10L 4 ran

also Josh The Plod 4th

Winning trainer John Whyte


Owner/Trainer Conditions

1st Always On The Run Connor Baker 11/10f

2nd Forever Field Archie Wright 5/4

Time 5 – 59 Dists: Hd 3 ran

also Blairs Cove PU

Winning Trainer Connor Baker


Mixed Open

1st Just Cause Rupert Stearn 1/4f

2nd Princeton Royale Kate Gowing 5/4

Time 5 – 56 Dists: 3 L 2 ran

Winning trainer James Owen

 PPORA Novice Riders

1st Aigle De La See Charlotte Butler 6/4

2nd Lords Park Star Paddy Barlow 2/1

Time 6 – 20 Dists: 2 L 3 ran

also Fiddler Of Dooney 1/4f F

Winning trainer Ed Turner


1st Oval Street Archie Wright 4/6f

2nd Ego Des Mottes Jack Wilmot 4/1

3rd Take To Heart Rupert Stearn 3/1

Time 6 – 01 Dists: 7 L ¾ L 5 ran

also Lanzealot PU Sommer Katze PU

Winning trainer Nick Wright

 Open Maiden

1st Some Boy McCoy Izzie Marshall 4/5f

2nd High Street Charlie Marshall 5/2

3rd Great Vizier Rupert Stearn 7/1

Time 6 – 04 Dists: 5 L 5 L 5 ran

also Megaboost 4th Walk In Milan 5th

Winning trainer Alan Hill