Essex & Suffolk meeting held at Higham. The official going was good.
Hunt Members and Subscribers
1st Good Source Jack Andrews 4/6f
2nd Ask Carla Paddy Barlow 3/1
3rd Josh The Plod Charlie Buckle 7/2
Time 5.57 Dists: 4L 20L 6 ran
Trainer Georgina Ellis
also Back Bar 4th Chapelier PU Wontbefurlong PU
Conditions 3 mile 4 furlongs
1st Back It Up Alex Chadwick 7/2
2nd Go Go Geronimo Tom Chatfield Roberts 4/6f
3rd All Is True Jack Andrews 2/1
Time 7.13 Dists: Shd 1 ¾ L 8 ran
Trainer David Kemp
also Calin Du Brizais 5th Just A Sting RO Mr Snuffles 4th Sir Shelby PU The Yellow Mini PU
Mixed Open
1st I K Brunel Izzie Marshall 3/1
2nd Peacocks Secret Dale Peters 2/1f
3rd Slievegar Toby McCain Mitchell 3/1
Time 5.57 Dists: 4L 8L 8 ran
Trainer Alan Hill
also Definite Dilemma UR General Arrow 4th Jasmin des Bordes PU Sopran Thor PU Take To Heart PU
PPORA Grass Roots Rider Mixed Open
1st Precious Bounty Ellie Callwood 4/7f
2nd Kilbrew Boy Charlie Case 3/1
3rd Romain De Senam Daniel Cherriman 5/1
Time 6.02 Dists: 15L 3 ½L 6 ran
Trainer Kelly Morgan
also Due Reward UR Knight Bachelor 5th Sum It Up 4th
1st Killinkere Ellie Holder 6/1
2nd Shentri Ellie Callwood 2/1
3rd Mount Pleasant Alex Chadwick 6/4
Time 6.01 Dists: 5 ½L 4L 9 ran
Trainer Georgina Ellis
also A Toi Phil PU Ajays Way PU Ballintara 6th How To Get Away 6th 5/4f Silver Sheen PU Ultimate Getaway PU
Open Maiden
1st Shanes Passion Dale Peters 7/1
2nd Vango Vick Zac Baker 8/1
3rd Just A Mystery Kaitlin Perks 5/1
Time 6.03 Dists: 4 ½L 2L 8 ran
Trainer Andrew Pennock
also Bless The Moon 4th 5/4f College Field 6th Kilaro PU Machu Pichu PU
Congratulations to Izzie Marshall who rode her 100th winner in points and under rules. Very good racing watched by a mammoth crowd.