Results from the Cambrideshire with Enfield Chace meeting held at Horseheath.

The official going was GOOD



 1st Jonjoela Josh Parker 3/1

2nd Imperial Esprit Keagan Kirkby 4/5 fav

3rd Creadan Grae Alice Richmond-Watson

Also:  A Toi Phil 10/1 (4th), Knight Bachelor 10/1 (5th ), The Dubai Way 5/2 (6th)

Dickie Diver 25/1 (7th), Calin Du Brizais 33/1 (8th), Diamond Fort 10/1 (9th ),

Killinkere 7/1 (UR)

Time 6-20    Dists: 2L, 12L       10 ran

Trainer Jennifer Owen



1st Trojan Du Berlais Paddy Barlow 5/2

2nd All The Ammunition Dale Peters 5/2

3rd Coolagh Park Izzie Marshall 10/11 fav

Also: Padjoes Legacy 7/1 (4th), In Our Dreams 6/1 (5th)

Tango Pete 14/1 (6th ), Imperial D’Ainay 16/1 (7th ),

Highway Hero 20/1 (PU)

Time 6-18     Dists: 3L, ShHd       8 ran

Trainer Andrew Pennock



 1st Tigerbythetail Gina Andrews 2/1

2nd Law Of Gold   Dale Peters        5/2

3rd Mitchouka        Charlie Case      8/1

Also: Slievegar 25/1 (4th), Ragnar Lodbrok 7/4 fav (5th),

Tullys Touch 6/1 (6th), Take To Heart 25/1 (PU),

Who’s In the Box 20/1 (PU)

Time 6-14      Dists: 3½L, 1L          8 ran

Trainer Tom Ellis


 1st Artiste D’Ainay   Jack Andrews  2/1

2nd Red Letter Day     Charlie Case     16/1

3rd Newcastle Succes Seb Mead          10/1

Also: Colemanstown Lad 5/2 (4th), Bless The Moon 7/4 Fav (F),

Downbydukesmeadow 25/1 (PU), Midnight Mystery 8/1 (PU),

O’Halloran’s Castle 6/1 (BD), The Pier Field 7/1 (PU)

Time 6-19     Dists: 7L, 2½L             9 ran

Trainer Tom Ellis



1st Main Stage Gina Andrews 6/4

2nd The Borobudur Toby McCain-Mitchell 2/1

3rd  Lockdown Ludo  Chloe East  10/1

Also: Ask Carla Evens Fav (PU), Compose Yourself  10/1 (PU),

Court Cian 6/1 (F), Elder Statesman 20/1 (PU), Ildefeel Du Livet 8/1 (RO),

Time: 6-14      Dists: 5½L, 25L                8 ran

Trainer Tom Ellis


CONDITIONS ( Level 2 )

1st Knight In Dubai  Rupert Stearn 4/1

2nd D-heat Boss Man Fred Tom Broughton 5/2

D-heat Grand Roi Alex Chadwick    3/1

Also:  How To Get Away 5/4 Fav (4th), No Dice 4/1 (PU)

Time 6-18    Dists:  3½ L, Dead-Heat    5 ran

Trainer Jennifer Owen