Here are the results for the North Norfolk Harriers meeting held at Higham. The official going was good.
Open Maiden
1st Bold Gesture Richard Collinson 1/2f
2nd Hop N Skip Charlie Marshall Ev
Time 6-07 Dists: 9 L 4 ran only two finished
also Gog Elles PU Josh The Plod PU
PPORA Club Members Novice Riders
1st Workbench Murray Dodd 4/5f
2nd One Fine Morning Charlie Clover 3/1
3rd The Gunner Brady Henrietta Cranfield 3/1
Time 6-01 Dists: 15L Dist 7 ran
also Legend To be 7th Mr Satco 6th Native Pride 5th Provincial Pride 4th
1st Normofthenorth Charlie Marshall 6/4f
2nd Uknowwhatimean Will Hickman 8/1
3rd Iron In The Soul Alex Chadwick 5/1
Time 6-08 Dists: 3 L 10 L 7 ran
also Alfie Corbitt PU Mano Cornuto PU The Alchemyst 4th Winola PU
Mens Open
1st Just Cause Rupert Stearn 4/6f
2nd Sugar Baron Archie Wright 3/1
3rd Zeroeshadesofgrey Alex Chadwick 3/1
Time 6-01 Dists: Dist 4 L 6 ran
also Abbey Lane 4th Great Link 5th Wind Place And Sho Ref
Ladies Open
1st Knockedoutloaded Alex Knight 7/2
2nd Brackloon High Jennifer Harbison 5/2
3rd Dry Ol Party Chloe Emsley 10/1
Time 6-11 Dists: ½ L 1 ½ L 7 ran also Easter Day 6th
Oh Toodles 5th Royal Hall 4th Top Smart 4/5 f UR
CA Conditions
1st Net D’Ecosse Rupert Stearn 6/4
2nd Hawkhurst Izzie Marshall 5/2
3rd Beggars Bush Immy Robinson 5/1
Time 6-05 Dists: 20 L 2 L 5 ran
also Laser Beam 4/6f PU Weather Warning 4th