Here are the results for the Dunston Harriers meeting held at Ampton.

The official going was good to soft, soft in places.

Veteran Horses Race

1st Sir Mangan Ben Sutton 1/2f

2nd Wounded Warrior Ellie Callwood 4/1

3rd Knight Bachelor Izzie Marshall 7/2

Time 6-27* Dists: 1 ½ L 12 L 6 ran * 6 Jumps omitted low sun

also Trojan Star 4th, Chase Me PU, First Drift PU.

Maiden Race

1st Master Templar Will Thirlby 7/2

2nd Ninth Wave Will Biddick 5/2 f

3rd Mossy Be Lucky Alice Stevens 16/1

Time 6-45* Dists: 5 L 5L 12 ran * 6 Jumps omitted low sun

also Megaboost 4th, Argentoratum UR, Buachaill Dana 5th, Curio Bay PU,

Da Boy Charlie 6th, Gettysburgh PU, High Street PU, McMurooughs Court 7th,

Willisham Wonder PU.

Ladies Open

1st Blazing Tom Natalya Irvine 11/8

2nd Killiney Court Michaela Tallett 5/1

Time 6-44 Dists: 9 L 3 ran

also Back Bar 1 / 2 f PU

Mens Open

1st Tullys Touch Will Biddick 8/11 f

2nd Diplomate Sivola Ben Sutton 6/4

3rd Wonderoftheworld James Gambin 12/1

Time 6-40 Dists: 3 L 5 L 5 ran

also Minella Friend 4th, Harrie PU

 Restricted Race

1st Castle Trump Alex Chadwick 5/4

2nd Outlaw Dream Ben Bromley 4/5 f

3rd Bucaneros Sean O Connor 4/1

Time 6-32 * Dists: 15 L 2 ½ L 4 ran * 3 Jumps omitted low sun

also Multifactorial PU

Novice Riders Race

1st Fox Valley Natalya Irvine 4/6 f

2nd Earlshill Lucy Burton 6/4 3rd

Occupied Toby Steele 5/1

Time 6-47 * Dists: 2 L 2 L 6 ran * 3 jumps omitted low sun

also Dans Wee Man 4th, Three Ways 5th, West Lake PU.