An incredible weekend of East Anglian Point-To-Point racing saw over 190 horses contest 17 races run at the two meetings, leaving even the most ardent fans agreeing that saturation point had almost been reached.

Saturday’s venue was Horseheath, which was produced in immaculate condition for the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace fixture. On Sunday the spotlight moved to a wind-ravaged Higham for the North Norfolk Harriers meeting.

The only man to ride a winner at both weekend meetings was David Kemp, who lifted the PPORA Club Race at Horseheath with Bard of Drumcoo and the Restricted Race at Higham with Cantarinho. Kemp, 24, from Kilverstone near Thetford, has only recently taken over the training responsibilities for his family’s string and would have landed a treble but for Nowornever’s poor jumping throwing away victory in the Horseheath Members Race.


Race one (Members’ Race):

1 Ms B Czepulkowski’s General Confusion (Cambs with Enfield Chace) (T Lane),

2 N Padfield’s The Glen Road (Cambs with Enfield Chace) (A Sansome).

3 Mr and Mrs J Ridge, Mrs P Hamilton and M Kemp’s NoworNever (Thurlow) (D Kemp).

Also Royal Artic (4), Ical (ur), King of the Sea (pu), Mr Know What (f).  7 ran. five lengths. 6.42. W £3.80. DF £2.80. SP 5-2 (The Glen Road 7-4 fav).

Race two (PPURA Club Race):

1 Mr and Mrs J Ridge’s Bard of Drumcoo (Suffolk) (D Kemp).

2 D Clarke’s Endeavour (Essex and Suffolk) (G Cooper).

3 Miss C Hill and Mrs J Hill’s Contingency (Pytchley) (R Cope).

Also: Light the Sky (4), Colonel Conca (5), Bruan (6), Eastern Point (ur), Good Thyne Murphy (f), Jack Hackett (pu), Monsukh (pu), Teeton Priceless (pu), Westfield John (pu). 12 ran. Four lengths, a head. 6.40. W £5.40. DF £10.40. SP 9-2 (Colonel Conca 5-2 fav).

Race three (Open Race):

1 D Harding-Jones’ Gallant Glen (Puckeridge) (M Mackley).

2 R French’s Involved (North Shropshire) (R Burton).

3 S Loggin, Miss N McKim and J Blencowe’s Owens Pet (Grafton) (S Morris).

Also: Choral Dream (4), Athenian Law (pu), Manavite (pu), Millennium Way (pu), Minino (TNP). 8 ran. 10 lengths, eight lengths. 6.25. W £2.00. DF £3.90. SP 4-5 fav.

Race four (Ladies’ Open Race):

1 T Fowler’s MacFin (Cottesmore) (Miss L Allan),

2 C Hall, Mr and Mrs A Cooper and Mrs P Wilkins’ Tom Cobbler (Southdown and Gridge) (Mrs P Hall).

3 J M Turner’s Spring Gale (Suffolk) (Miss Z Turner).

Also: Borrow Mine (4), Mister Audi (5), Jolly Minister (ur), Mr Miller (pu), Pele Mele (pu). 8 ran. Two lengths, one length. 6.32. W £62.90. DT £48.10. SP 20-1 (Jolly Minister 7-4 fav).

Race five (Restricted Race):

1 C Hitchins’ Fane Counsel (North Shropshire) (R Burton).

2 A Howland-Jackson’s Present Moment (Suffolk) (N Moore).

3 Ms A Embiricos’ Filou Du Bois (CUD) (owner).

Also: Holy Moses (4), Glad All Over (5), Hoplite (pu), Imperial Prince (pu), Ishma (ref); Jerome Jerome (pu), Josh’s Choice (ur), Kepi Royal (pu), Mountain Trooper (pu), Non Plussed (pu), Pharafield (pu), Red Square Prince (pu), Rip Kirby (pu), Treble Trouble (pu), What a Charmer (pu). 18 ran. A distance, 10 lengths. 6.31. W £3.30. DF £1.90. SP 5-2 fav.

Race six (Five- Six- and Seven-Year Olds Open Maiden Race):

1 E Cantillon’s Hi Tech Man (EAB) (T Lane),

2 Mrs H Plumbly’s Briery Fox (Cuttesmore) (J Docker),

3 Mrs A Vaughan-Jones’ Willow Ryde (West Norfolk) (N Pearce).

Also: What Next (4), Artic Sun (5), Artic Penguin (pu), Ascoolasice (pu), Bacarese (f), Beacon White (pu), Homeleigh Meadow (ur), Jumping Jeffrey (f), Killard Point (bd), Legolas (pu), Little Heck (pu), On The Day (pu), Vintage Rock (pu). 16 ran. Head, two lengths. 6.43. W £26.00. DF £31.00. SP 14-1 (Killard Point 5-2 fav).

Race seven (Eight-Year-Olds & Up Open Maiden Race – Division One):

1 Major F Wheeler’s Battle Honours (ES and RM) (P Hall).

2 The Cherry Tree Partnership’s Here Comes Choosey (North Norfolk Harriers) (N Bloom).

3 Mrs M G Sheppard’s Over The Rhee (Cambs with Enfield Chace) (P Taiano).

Also: Penlet Too (4), Baileys of Cashel (pu), Bright Torino (pu), Faircatcher (f), Frosty Fella (pu), Sandyland (pu), Tidal Race (pu). 10 ran. Head, 10 lengths. 6.38. W £13.80. DF £11.10. SP 8-1 (Baileys of Cashel 2-1 fav).

Race eight (Eight Year-Olds & Up Open Maiden Race – Division Two):

1 T L and A Brooks’ Wincy Spider (Grafton) (J Diment).

2 Ms J Johnston and Ms S Miles’ Brass Razoo (Grafton) (S Morris).

3 Mr and Mrs S Brown’s Igloux Royal (Pytchley) (M Briggs).

Also:Gunner Be True (4), Ginger Bug (5), Erins Surprise (pu), Granny Dick (pu), Itsthebrass (pu), Sneeze (f). 9 ran. One length, 10 lengths. 6.46. W £8.10. DF £2.00. SP 5-2 fav (Brass Razoo 5-4 fav).