Standings to April 29th 2018

County Linen Services Ladies Championship

1st Gina Andrews                    132pts

2nd Kate Gowing                     60pts

=3rd Louise Allan                    13pts

=3rd Carey Williamson            13pts


County Linen Services Novice Ladies Championship

1st Kate Gowing                      60pts

2nd Charlotte Wyatt                 8pts

3rd Emily Turner                      1pt


County Linen Services Men’s Championship

1st Archie Wright                    84pts

2nd Richard Collinson              68pts

3rd  Evan David                       67pts


County Linen Services Novice men’s Championship

1st Tim Gredley                       43pts

=2nd Charlie Buckle                 24pts

=2nd Charlie Clover               24pts


Overall Champion Jockey (most winners)


Gina Andrews 19

Kate Gowing   4



Jack Andrews                16* (14 outside East Anglia)

Archie Wright                6

Evan David                   6

Dicky Collinson              4

Tim Gredley                  3

Rupert Stearn               3


*Jockeys must ride at least 3 winners within East Anglia for their overall totals to count towards this award



Richard Weller-Poley Leading Horse Award

1st Midnight Bliss                    34pts

=2nd One Fine Morning           24pts

=2nd This Breac                       21pts


Marriage Horse Feeds Mare’s Award

1st Midnight Bliss                    21pts

2nd Chosen Rose                      10pts

3rd  Galros Lady                       6pts