Here are the results for the Waveney Harriers meeting held at Higham. The official going was good, good to soft in places.
Hunt Members Farmers and Subscribers
1st Laser Beam                Alice Stevens 9/4
2nd Knight Bachelor        Henrietta Cranfield 9/4
3rd Steeles Terrace         Alex Chadwick 7/4f
Time 6-24 Dists: 2L 2L 7 ran
also Abbey Lane 4th Mr Satco 7th One Fine Morning 5th Weather Warning 6th
PPORA Members Conditions
1st The Gunner Brady     Izzie Marshall 16/1
2nd Can Mestret             Gina Andrews 8/1
3rd Provincial Pride        Thomas Franklin 40/1
Time 6-23 Dists: 7L Dist 7 ran
also Accord PU Early Retirement UR 4/7f Net D Ecosse 4th Take To Heart PU
Mens Open
1st Just Cause                    Rupert Stearn 1/5f
2nd Ballynagour                  Joe Stevenson 4/1
3rd Chapelier                      Alex Chadwick 5/1
Time 6-21 Dists: 8L Dist 3 ran
Ladies Open
1st Southfield Theatre        Lily Bradstock 4/7f
2nd An Scairp                    Gina Andrews 7/1
3rd Brackloon High            Jennifer Harbison 10/1
Time 6-20 Dists: 6L 6L 7 ran
also Easter Day 6th Mercers Court 4th Royal Hall 5th
Top Smart PU
Open Maiden
1st Tekap                         Gina Andrews 5/1
2nd Ballinagore                Dale Peters 5/2f
3rd Fiddlers Tracker        Jack Andrews 3/1
Time 6-21 Dists: 6L 15L 11 ran
also Castle Trump F Dainty Doris PU Eau De Nile PU Quietly PU Ringa Ding Ding PU Torosay Castle PU
Urban Waltz PU What UR
1st Hard Ground            Jack Andrews 3/1
2nd Oscars Fame          Gina Andrews 2/1
3rd Barrack Hill              George Chatterton 10/1
Time 6-21 Dists: 2L 4L 8 ran
also Dambys Star 4th Fiddler Of Dooney F 7/4f
Marvellous Moment PU The Triple Pillar PU
Worthapunt PU