Here are the final scores in the various EA Championships, except for the one for the most races won which continues until the season concludes nationally at Umberleigh next month.

Compiled by Ray Newby


Leading owner

Simon Stearn 5 winners


Lady rider

1st Gina Andrews 84 pts

2nd Kate Gowing 16 pts

3rd Charlotte Butler 3 pts


Novice Lady Rider

1st Charlotte Butler 3 pts

2nd Emily Peck 2 pts


Male Rider

1st Jack Andrews 99 pts

2nd Alex Chadwick 77 pts

3rd Rupert Stearn 40 pts


Novice Male Rider

1st Jamie Gambin 21 pts

2nd Cian Murphy 16 pts

3rd Tommy Frogley 15 pts


Leading Horse

1st Twilight Girl 34 pts

2nd Ragnar Lodbrok 24 pts

3rd Dash Full Of Cash 21 pts


Champion Mare

1st Twilight Girl 24 pts

2nd Flashy Kate 5 pts

3rd Taita Sunrise 3 pts